The birth of my Dental Phobia & a move to a new neighbourhood

I was taken to the Dentist the day after my run in with P & Co, some of my teeth were loose and my parents wanted to get them checked out as they were adult teeth and so they were worried I might lose them. The entire day was traumatic and resulted in me not venturing into a dental surgery again for at least 7 years.

I had never been keen on going to the Dentist at the best of times, it usually resulted in pain of some description whenever I did go and this time it was ever more terrifying. I’m not entirely sure what it was that kicked off my massive tantrum but I do remember feeling like I absolutely had to get out of that place and no one was going to stop me.

I remember my Mother yelling at me to behave, someone trying to hold my head still and the Dentist looming over me as I tried to break free. I think the situation was just too close to what I had endured the day before and my confused brain got the idea that the Dentist was planning to finish the job that P & Co had started. I know it seems irrational but I don’t think I was capable of rational thought that day; all I could think of was that I needed to find a way to escape and get to a safe place. I am ashamed to say that I kicked the poor Dentist pretty hard in the stomach as he approached me, I know now that he was only trying to help but at the time I just saw him as a threat to fend off as best I could. My Mother was furious with me and slapped my legs pretty hard before holding them down. Thankfully the Dentist took the sensible approach to leave me alone and told my Mother that I should come back another time.

When we left we went immediately to my Grandparent’s house where my Mother told them how I had disgraced her whilst I sat in a corner and cried. I’m not entirely sure how it came about, I guess I had really pushed my poor Mother over the edge with this one, but a few hours later my Grandad asked if I would like to stay with them for a few days needless to say I was delighted with the idea. My Grandad said he would take my Mum home and get some of my things from the house but I started to panic again, I’ve no idea why but for some reason I felt like I wouldn’t be safe if Grandad wasn’t around and so in the end my Gran went with my Mum and I stayed with Grandad.

About a week later we tried to return to the Dentist, this time with a handwritten letter of apology from me however we only got as far as the reception desk before I started to feel very ill and vomited in the waiting area. We went away again, this time to the GP who told my Mother that I was probably in shock and should stay off school for at least another week until I had calmed down. For some reason I was happy enough to let him see my teeth, I think it was perhaps because he was sitting down when he spoke to me so I didn’t see him as a threat and I had seen the same GP since we had arrived in the area so I felt used to him. The GP said he wasn’t overly concerned by my teeth but that I should let the Dentist check them out when I was feeling better as one of them was very loose.

After the visit to the GP we went back to my Grandparents house and I was told that I would continue to stay with them while I was off school.

I can’t actually remember how long I stayed out of school for but at some point I was taken to a new school to meet the Headmaster there with a view to me joining the new school after the next set of holidays. No one really explained what was going on at the time but it seems my parents were getting quite a bit of hassle from the locals on the housing estate and it was decided that it wouldn’t be safe for me to go back there. I was told that my parents were in the process of buying a house nearer to my Grandparents, that I would be starting at a new school and in the meantime I would continue to stay with my Grandparents until everything was sorted.

During this time a couple of attempts were made to get me to the Dentist for a check up but every time it was even suggested I would have a melt down and eventually my Grandad said that the best thing to do was leave it until I felt I was ready to go. I think that with everything else going on the last thing they needed was for me to make a massive scene at the Dentist again and I wasn’t having any noticeable problems with my teeth, not any that I was letting on about anyway.

The new school was like a breath of fresh air, it was much bigger than my old school both in terms of the building and the number of children attending. What startled me the most though was the fact that everyone was excited that there was a new girl; they actually liked the idea that I was new and different and they wanted to be my friend. I made quite a few friends really quickly, it was wonderful to have genuine friends for a change and I was very happy there. My parents also bought a house, it was very small but it was in a really good neighbourhood and I moved in with them at the start of the summer holidays before I started high school. It was probably the best summer of my childhood, we were in a lovely area with beautiful parks all around us and we had a new family member – a pet dog.

Unfortunately the transition to High School was not an easy one and brought with it a whole new set of problems as my past began to catch up with me.


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