A visit to a Well Woman Clinic

It took me quite some time to recover from my melt down at the Dental Practice, I spent most of that time either walking my dog or watching Star Trek videos. As daft as it may sound my dog was the one thing that kept me going during those dark days – the fact that she relied on me to take her out for exercise and feed her gave me a reason to keep getting up every morning and keep moving. I’ve no doubt that the exercise I got from walking her and the feeling of companionship most likely prevented me from sinking into the darkest depths of depression.

Eventually I plucked up the courage to attend for a Well Woman check up, I couldn’t face the idea of going to my GP and explaining things to him so I phoned one of the places that the Police had given me a leaflet for.

I was absolutely petrified when I went along but they were fantastic, they were very patient with me and explained everything they did in simple terms. The worst part was that some tests took longer than others so I had quite a long wait before I was able to get all the results back. In the end I tested negative for blood borne diseases but unfortunately I had developed Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which had most likely been caused by an untreated STI. The result of this was that I had sustained damage to my fallopian tubes and I was told that I would most likely have difficulty conceiving naturally. At the time this didn’t bother me as the thought of starting a family was the last things on my mind – I hadn’t even had a boyfriend at this point let alone started to think about having children. I was much more worried about Hepatitis and HIV infection which thankfully all came back negative after an agonising wait. However in years to come the PID issue did cause a number of problems, particularly with regards relationships.


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