Every end is a new beginning


I won’t deny that it was tough getting back on my feet after losing J but I got there and it was all due to the confidence he had helped to instil in me.

Meeting new people was terrifying at first but each time I had a good experience it made it easier the next time. Eventually I felt confident enough to think about dating, being very shy though I resorted to online dating sites at first as it was easier to get to know people. I found it a really good resource and I ended up having a holiday romance with someone I met online.

It was a fantastic confidence booster for me to have someone find me attractive and want to spend time with me. It was also good that there was a time limit to the relationship as we lived on different continents and only came together for the duration of our holiday. Although we both agreed that our relationship could go no further we did remain in touch with each other and are still really good friends.

The holiday romance was the boost I needed to get me to realise that J had been right all along – I am worthy of love and I would find someone when the time was right, which I did.

I met C through some mutual friends which is a really good way to meet suitable people as a big test of whether or not a relationship will work is if they get on with your friends and vice versa. It was a rather obvious set up from the start as our mutual friend introduced as to each other as thus, “You two will get along great – you are both Trekkies.” The rest, as they say, is pretty much history – we are still together some 15 years on.




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