Fall down seven times, get up eight

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I was very lucky to find another job fairly quickly after the office closed down.

This time I moved to a completely different workplace and once again I faced another steep learning curve as I had to learn a lot of new systems and protocols but I picked things up fairly quickly and was given a number of projects to work on which was excellent. However the post was only a temporary contract and it too eventually came to an end but just as I thought I was about to return to the Unemployment Office once more I was thrown a lifeline; one of the Managers in another department had heard that I was about to be released from my contract and got in touch with me to tell me that they were about to advertise a vacancy that I would be eligible to apply for. The post was for a permanant position with the organisation and so I applied and was appointed.

Since that point there have been a number of restructures of the organisation and each time I have held my breath as I wonder if there will be a place for me in the new structure but each time I seem to survive the cull of staff and end up in a new department with a new remit. Each time I get a little more bruised and gun-shy but I keep going and always do the best I can wherever I end up because I know that each time this happens it’s not neccessarily the end of something but the chance to try something new.


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