Developing who I am – due to having a ‘no pre trauma’ me.

This is very insightful and resonates a great deal with me. I have never known any other life so I often find it difficult to assert myself or to know how to behave in social situations because I have never really interacted with other people before. I have often felt alienated and this is why.
I would recommend you stop by Lilly’s site – it has some very useful resources.

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Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

A post to my page that is resonating with others.

For many of us that were abused in childhood onwards, we don’t have a ‘pre-trauma’ us.

We’ve endured trauma and the consequences of it, since we can remember.

This is very different to having a ‘good enough childhood’ and then experiencing trauma as an adult and has many different challenges.

This leaves a survivor with a sense of not knowing who they really are and we have to create that person as part of healing.

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2 thoughts on “Developing who I am – due to having a ‘no pre trauma’ me.

  1. I found myself telling my girlfriend the other day, how I wish I had a mentor growing up. I had some great parents, but I felt so alone in navigating this strange world.

    Looking back on my younger years, I realised I picked up a lot of what I knew through television and movies. If only I knew just how fake those were back then!

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  2. Likewise, I had a very loving Grandad who tried to help out where he could but it was by no means easy for him. My glimmer of hope for the future came from watching Star Trek episodes – I loved the fact that in the future no one was bothered by people being different, a world away from the insular town I grew up in.


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